Addressing Homelessness and Affordable Housing in Hollywood, FL: A Community Development Perspective

Hollywood, Florida is a vibrant and diverse city known for its beautiful beaches, lively entertainment, and thriving tourism industry. However, like many other cities in the United States, Hollywood also faces the challenge of addressing issues of homelessness and affordable housing in its community development efforts.

The Reality of Homelessness in Hollywood

According to the 2020 Annual Homeless Assessment Report by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), there were an estimated 567,715 people experiencing homelessness on a single night in the United States.

In Florida alone, there were 28,328 individuals experiencing homelessness on that same night. In Hollywood, the number of homeless individuals has been steadily increasing over the years. In 2019, there were 1,523 homeless individuals counted in the city's annual Point-in-Time Count, a 10% increase from the previous year. This number includes individuals living on the streets, in shelters, or in transitional housing.


is a complex issue that is often caused by a combination of factors such as poverty, lack of affordable housing, mental health issues, and substance abuse. It is not just a problem that affects individuals but also has a significant impact on the community as a whole.

The Role of Community Development

Community development plays a crucial role in addressing issues of homelessness and affordable housing in Hollywood.

It involves working with various stakeholders such as government agencies, non-profit organizations, and community members to create sustainable solutions that benefit the entire community. One of the key strategies used in community development is to increase access to affordable housing. This can be achieved through various initiatives such as building new affordable housing units, providing rental assistance, and implementing policies that protect tenants from eviction and discrimination. In Hollywood, the city government has taken steps to increase the availability of affordable housing. In 2019, the city passed an Inclusionary Housing Ordinance that requires developers to set aside a percentage of new residential units for low-income households. This has resulted in the creation of over 200 affordable housing units in the city.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Another crucial aspect of community development in addressing homelessness and affordable housing is collaboration and partnerships.

The city of Hollywood has been working closely with non-profit organizations such as the Broward Partnership for the Homeless and the Homeless Voice to provide services and resources to homeless individuals. The Broward Partnership for the Homeless operates a 230-bed emergency shelter in Hollywood that provides temporary housing, meals, and case management services to individuals experiencing homelessness. The organization also offers job training and placement programs to help individuals become self-sufficient. The Homeless Voice is a non-profit newspaper that is sold by homeless individuals as a means of employment. The organization also provides transitional housing for homeless individuals and families, as well as mental health counseling services.

Addressing Root Causes

While providing immediate solutions such as affordable housing and shelter is crucial, community development also focuses on addressing the root causes of homelessness. This includes addressing issues such as poverty, mental health, and substance abuse. The city of Hollywood has implemented various programs to address these underlying issues.

For example, the Hollywood Police Department has a Homeless Outreach Team that works with homeless individuals to connect them with resources and services such as mental health treatment and substance abuse programs. In addition, the city has also partnered with local organizations to provide job training and employment opportunities for homeless individuals. This not only helps individuals become self-sufficient but also reduces the likelihood of them becoming homeless again in the future.

Challenges and Future Plans

Despite the efforts of the city and its partners, there are still challenges in addressing homelessness and affordable housing in Hollywood. One of the main challenges is the lack of affordable housing units, which makes it difficult for individuals to find stable and affordable housing. To address this issue, the city is working on developing a comprehensive affordable housing plan that will guide future development and ensure that affordable housing is included in all new residential projects. The plan also includes strategies to preserve existing affordable housing units and provide rental assistance to low-income households.

In Conclusion

Homelessness and lack of affordable housing are complex issues that require a multifaceted approach.

Through community development efforts, Hollywood, FL is making strides in addressing these issues and creating a more inclusive and sustainable community for all its residents. By working together with various stakeholders and addressing root causes, the city is making a positive impact on the lives of homeless individuals and families.

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